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How We Met on HowAboutWe: Heydi & Justin

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“How about we…try the ice cream at Christina’s”

Here, newlywed Justin tells the story about how he met Heydi through their shared love of ice cream (Editor’s note: they just got married in July!).


What was your favorite part of the date?
Spending time with Heydi. Her smile and warmth really stuck with me, and it was obvious she was a genuine and sweet person.

What happened after the first date?
Honestly, I can’t really remember. We just kept talking and saw each other again soon after, and it was pretty clear from the get-go that we really clicked.

When did you realize you wanted to go on a 2nd date?
Even before the first date! When we texted all night long.

Now that you’re a couple, what’s your go-to date?
The beach, now that it’s the summer. We go to a Peruvian restaurant called Machu Picchu in Somerville often as well. And we still eat ice cream all the time.

What’s your best dating advice?
Keep trying until you find someone that likes you the way you are. I may be crazy, but Heydi seems to like me anyway.

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