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How We Met on HowAboutWe: Susan & Matt

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“How about we…see the Jeff Lorber concert at the Iridium?” 

This is a story all about how Susan and Matt connected over a shared love of great music, delicious food and unique date ideas.

What was your favorite part of the date? 
Susan: The date was great. Jazz in a little club right near Times Square. The best part of the date for me was a magical kiss on the corner of 52nd street. It was warm for November, the wind was blowing just a bit, and he kissed me. I remember thinking it was like one of those kisses in the movies (yes – I am a hopeful romantic!).

Matt: The whole date was awesome. It felt like we had known each other for years. Jeff Lorber wasn’t as great as he was in the 80s, but it didn’t matter! I had found someone who was truly “simpatico.”

What part of his/her profile grabbed your attention?
At the time, I was bored and frustrated with online dating, having tried (like many) a few different sites over the years. I actually started writing a book called, “They’re All Crazy…Stories of Dating in the Modern World.” Then, a friend suggested I try HowAboutWe.

Eventually, I saw a photo of Matty, looking through the spokes of his bike wheel. I thought, ‘why am I reading this profile? I can’t ride a bike!’ And then I saw it: his date idea that said, ‘How about we do anything but walk the High Line.’  I literally laughed out loud because I had probably read 200 profiles that suggested this date (Editor’s note: It’s no wonder — walking the High Line is New York’s most popular date idea!).

Had either of you tried online dating before HowAboutWe?
Oh Lord, yes! But of all our funny stories, I think my favorite was when Matty actually had someone run away from him and toward the subway! The thought of that just cracks me up. Sorry, honey.

Matt: Actually, it was ME who ran away from HER!

What’s been your most memorable couple experience so far?
Susan: There have been so many, but our best experiences involve traveling. In the last year, we’ve been to getaways in Connecticut, Vermont, Quebec, Arizona, DC, Baltimore and Chicago! And then, for my 50th birthday, Matty surprised me with a 10-day trip to four European countries. All I can say is that Prague is the most magical place on earth.

Matt: I’m gonna go with our dinner at Arturo’s in the village the day after Thanksgiving last year. It’s a great place that I’ve always wanted to visit. We had great food, Prosecco, and the server sang Sinatra songs while he worked!

Susan: Yeah, as he’s said many times, it was the best date either of us have ever had.

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