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How We Met on HowAboutWe: Tom & Alyssa

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“How about we… check out the Socrates Sculpture Garden?”

This is a story all about how two adorkable cuties met amid fall leaves, talking ducks and tasty scones. 

Tom and Alyssa, both 24, turned a day off work into a the beginning of their relationship.

What was your first date?
We went to the Socrates Sculpture Garden in Astoria on a Monday. Both off for Columbus Day, we met near a subway stop headed to Parisi Brothers Bakery for scones. It was a beautiful October morning. We spent the walk to the park talking about balkan music, kidney harvesting, and ducks. Tom proved reigning champ of our long jump contest, but we drew a tie during a game of The Floor is Lava. Tom was okay with the fact that I talked to ducks, and we had our next date set up by Tuesday. Seven months later, and we’re still having so much fun.

What were your first impressions?
Tom: “Oh, she’s goofy.”
“He’s a-dork-able.”

What happened after the first date?
Date number two probably sealed the deal. We went to a film festival in Long Island City where we saw the most awful movie ever made. It could have been the most awkward date of all time, but we were having too much fun stifling guffaws and whispered mockery. The movie was so bad, of course, that alcohol was next on the agenda. We stumbled into a wine bar where a boisterous Planned Parenthood rally was taking place. We polished off a bottle of wine, stole hors d’ouvres, and tried to ignore the hundreds of free condoms scattered all over the bar for the event. Neither of us ran away that day, and we continued talking until the bar closed.

What’s your favorite “couple-thing” to do together?
We have a blast cooking together, especially making fancy-ass brunches. Rarely do two cooking styles come together this well. Our favorite cooking challenges involve a hotel kitchen, a nearly empty fridge, blunt knives, non-non-stick pans, and questionably calibrated electric stoves. Carrot-celery-kale-onion-dip omelette, anyone?

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