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Android Users, Rejoice! HowAboutWe Is Now in the Google Play Store

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We are incredibly excited to announce that the HowAboutWe Android app has arrived!

Download it in the Google Play store today, and you’ll get 7 days of free, unlimited access to the site. You’ll be able to post new dates, shuffle through profiles, and send and receive messages on the go, wherever you are.

Using HowAboutWe on your phone offers surprising benefits: Dates posted on HowAboutWe from a phone see 44% more responses than those posted from the web.

The app gives you real-time access to thousands of nearby date ideas; date locations are powered by Foursquare, which highlights venues in the area. (And our geolocation feature puts privacy first: The app never reveals where you are, but rather where you want to go.)

You can easily post specific dates on the spot, wherever inspiration strikes, even when you’re not near a computer. (And when you post “How about we get affogatos at Café Orlin” rather than just “How about we get coffee,” you’ll get more responses, as the most responded-to dates on HowAboutWe are the most specific.)

Many thanks to our engineers who worked tirelessly on this launch to create a beautiful, seamless product. As Erin Griffith at the tech blog PandoDaily notes, Android apps are often second-class products, but not in this case:

“Life as an Android-carrying tech blogger can be a bit of a bummer. Even when a cool app finally does launch on my OS of choice, it’s usually just a jankier version of the existing iPhone app…

[HowAboutWe] decided to do Android right, building its new app as closely to Google’s specifications as it could.

The result is one of the better-looking Android apps I’ve used, replacing the OS-centric top navigation bar with a few trademark elements, an inbox modeled exactly off of the new Android tabs, and full message text in alerts.”

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Download our Android app for free today. Happy dating!