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HowAboutWe Feature Update: Messaging Enhancements

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A couple weeks ago, we told you about our new search functionality, and now we’re happy to announce our first phase of ongoing messaging improvements. This round is focused on creating a powerful and intuitive inbox with “extras” that let you zero in the messages and users you want.

Organize Your Inbox — You’ve always been able to archive your messages; now, you also have the option to delete them entirely, or mark them as unread. You can do this by hovering over an individual message, selecting from the top menu from within a message thread, or by taking action on multiple messaging by selecting All, Read or Unread from your inbox. 

Hide Your Intrigues — You asked for it, and now here it is! Hide your “intrigues” if you want to focus on messages with a more personal touch. Or choose to show them to get a full glance of all the responses you’ve received.

Fine-Tune Your Prospects — Easily focus on the dates and users that you really want to see. Now you can hide messages from users more than 150 miles away, users without a photo, inactive users, and/or users outside of your specified age range.

Give the new inbox a whirl, and stay tuned for our next round of messaging improvements. As always, thanks for being a HowAboutWe member!