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HowAboutWe Feature Update: New & Improved Search

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When you’re looking on HowAboutWe to find a date, there are three essential ingredients: the date idea, a little background info on the person who posted it… and a useful tool to help you find the first two quickly and precisely. That’s why we’ve been improving our search functionality to better set you up for dating success. (After all, we want you to go online to get offline.) Here are some of the changes you can look forward to:

More Dynamic Datestream — Now, not only will you see the most recent dates, but you’ll also see the most active users and when they were last online. This puts the people who are active and serious about connecting offline front and center.

More Views to Your Profile & Dates —The ability to find more users also means the ability to be found by more users. Every time you interact with the site, you’ll show others that you’re present and active.

More Insightful Results — Now, every time you search for a term, we’ll give you date and profile results, meaning you can immediately connect with people who share your interests. You’ll also be able to limit your searches to profiles with pictures and/or dates.

More Targeted Date Activities — Love going out to eat? Sports? Exploring the city? Our new tagging system automatically indexes all usernames, venues, categories, and keywords, which means search will deliver more precise and comprehensive results.

In addition, we’ve added filters for race and children preferences, two distinctions you’ve been asking for.

These changes will be rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout!