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In Praise of Jersey Girls, the ‘Least Picky’ Daters in the Country

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New Jersey postcard

A study by dating site has found that single Brooklyn women are the pickiest in the country, at least when it comes to responding to online dating messages. Ironically, the ladies most likely to interact with potential e-suitors can be found right across the Hudson River in Jersey City, New Jersey. On behalf of all Jersey girls, we mistakenly thought at least half of those dudes were Bruce and/or Bon Jovi, so you can’t really blame us.

Yes, I’m from New Jersey, the greatest place on Earth. Born in Hackensack and raised in River Edge (201: too much green, too much fun), I’ve been on not one, but two Sopranos-themed bus tours. I can recite from memory an extensive list of famous Garden State natives (Danny DeVito! Aaron Burr! The Jonas Brothers! William Carlos Williams!). I had a five-foot-tall Springsteen poster on my ceiling in college. And, yup, I met my boyfriend of two and a half years, a native of Queens (the New Jersey of the East) on OKCupid.

The women of New Jersey are stronger than the storm, but we’re still too ladylike to pump our own gas. We’ll call you on your bullshit. We’re equally comfortable in the city, at the beach, in the woods and, yup, at the mall. Ours is one of the most diverse states in the country, and getting unnecessarily hated on by people around the world has made us even more open-minded and accepting of those who are different. So, yeah, we’re woman enough to send a nice response to an intriguing online dater we might not otherwise consider.

New Jersey has the highest population density in the United States, meaning we’re naturally extroverts. That said, we could also probably beat you up. (Have you seen our Real Housewives?) While you’re still waiting in line for a three-mimosa brunch in Carroll Gardens, we’re already eating seconds, holding forth on the relative merits of bagel sandwiches with pork roll or Taylor ham (which are actually the same thing, you non-Jerseyan jabronis). And, compared to Chris Christie, you’ll inevitably look pretty svelte in our eyes.

So hold your snark, please. Jersey girls — Jersey women! — are not unlike the diners we love so well: our 24-hour emotional menu can accommodate anything from an omelet at dinnertime to a baby-sized chicken parm sub at three in the morning. And dating one of us? Well, you should all be so lucky.

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