You Are the Worst Says Charging Bisexuals Twice as Much as Straight and Gay Users is Probably Not “Ideal”

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Today in “news that blew our fucking minds,” we learned that online dating website has been asking its bisexual subscribers to pay double in order to search for both male and female matches. The site is set up in such a way that bisexual users must create two separate accounts in order to view both male and female profiles. A one-month Match subscription is $42.99 per month, so essentially the company was asking bisexual users to pay $85.98 per month to use the site. Now, according to Pink News they’re saying they’re saying they’ll throw in that second queer profile for free!

To the brain trust: Let’s try a quick math problem shall we?

1 straight profile + 1 gay profile ≠1 bi profile

As the customer service team wrote in a statement obtained by Pink News, “Please accept our apologies as we realise this is not an ideal solution…the specific requirements of bisexual members (…) can be taken into consideration for future updates to the website.”

Oh, well as long as you’ll get around to giving people of different sexual orientations equal opportunity on your site, that’s great! The fact is: bisexuality is a thing and it’s time we all stop pretending that it’s not. The fact that some online dating sites in 2014 still limit users to a two-option system (straight or gay) proves just how far we have left to go when it comes to mainstream understanding of human sexuality and the idea that people shouldn’t have to adhere to a specific gender binary system.

In other news, I am going to go burn something.

[h/t Jezebel]