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Mesh Is an Online Dating Site that Filters Out Weird, Creepy Messages For You

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Depending on whether your approach to online dating is with your glass half-full or half-empty, reading through bad messages can almost be more fun than getting the good ones, until the bad message stop being fun and everything is awful.

Should you ever reach the point of “everything is awful” and also find yourself in the New York area, there’s Mesh, a new online dating site that’s in private beta for  New Yorkers. Mesh promises to automatically filter out any weird, creepy, poorly spelled, vulgar, recycled, or otherwise shitty messages. What’s more, other Meshers don’t even get the option to message you before they can prove they can answer certain “Dealbreaker” questions you set, like whether or not you believe in evolution, or think abortion is morally right or wrong.

This is a great idea in theory — who wouldn’t want to use an online dating site that automatically vets the vermin and leaves behind only sparkling, shiny, attractive-and-emotionally available unicorns? However, if I ever attempted to filter out anyone who’s ever made a typo in a message, or who didn’t meet me 100 percent on all my weird little personal dealbreakers, I would meet exactly no one ever. Let me know when someone gets a match on this thing.