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No, You Don’t Need a Dating App To Talk to Someone in the Same Damn Room As You

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Ever since Tinder came out in 2012, techies have been trying to convince us we need a Tinder for everything in our lives. Tinder for jobs! Tinder for houses! Tinder for clothes! Tinder for personalities! One “Tinder for X” we don’t need: a Tinder for people who are in the same room as you. And yet, that’s exactly what a new app called Mingleton promises to do.

Say you’re at a bar or a club and you see someone cute. Instead of going up to them and saying “Hi” or “How are you?” or literally anything else,  Mingleton makes it easy for you to run away and look them up on your phone and see if they’ve indicated they’re interested in “mingling” with you. When the app registers that you both want to “mingle” with each other, it’ll let you both know. And then what? One of you has to walk over and say “Hi” anyway, completely eliminating the need for this app.

Come on, people: you don’t need an app to help you talk to someone who is in the same damn room as you. And I don’t need more idiots running into me in a crowded club because you’re buried in your phone in search of someone to talk to. (Jk – I don’t go to clubs.)


[h/t TechCrunch]