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One OkCupid User Spent $1800 in Three Months for Profile Optimization

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Because it’s mostly free, OkCupid is the favored online dating haunt of the young, the broke, and the noncommittal. You can make your profile drunk (which almost everyone does), send some messages, scroll around, and delete it a few days later with no repercussions. Or, you can use it for years and go on hundreds of dates, and it will never cost you a cent.

If you’re not happy with that, you can pay an extra $5 to $10 for an “A-List” subscription, which gets rid of ads, delivers you better matches, and let you browse profiles unseen.

If you need still more from your online dating, OkCupid introduced a new feature this summer which will “boost your profile visibility.” You pay $2 to be instantly displayed in the website’s “Spotlight” section, showing you to a far higher number of matches. These “boosts” are how one unidentified user spent $1800 in three months, as revealed in an October conference call by the CEO of the company that owns OkCupid, Tinder, and Match.

Breaking down the math, this anonymous cash cow was spending $20 every day on boosts. Seeing as OkCupid states each boost is “calibrated to give you a whole day’s worth of activity in one 15-minute burst,” this seems, well, a bit excessive.

The question this raises is if you have a spare $2k lying around and enough desire to find love or get laid that you’re clicking the “boost” button on OkCupid ten times a day, why not use that money to hire a matchmaker? Or, $1800 could buy a few sessions with a wonderful sex worker. Or, you could buy every hot person you met a drink for months. There are other ways, people. There are other ways.

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