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Police Arrest Virginia Man After Tricking Him Into an OKCupid Date

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NYC Police Car

Twenty-four-year-old Ryan Covington found Sasha, his dream girl, on OKCupid. After a week of exchanging flirty messages, they agreed to meet for dinner at a Richmond, Virginia diner. Sasha told Ryan she’d be wearing a red turtleneck, black skirt, and black boots. But when Covington arrived, he discovered that Sasha was wearing a blue uniform, a badge, and a gun. Also, she was a male police lieutenant named Daniel Minton. “I didn’t have [Sasha’s outfit] in my wardrobe,” Minton explained.

No, this isn’t another case for Catfish. The Richmond Police Department had a warrant out for Covington, who, while on probation for two drug charges, recently failed to appear for a court date following an arrest for breaking and entering. Confused, Ryan kept repeating that he was at the diner to meet a blind date, which, as any student of jurisprudence knows, means you legally can’t be taken into custody. Nevertheless, he was arrested.

Lieutenant Minton — who needs his own dating advice column, stat – said he crafted Sasha’s personality specifically to appeal to Ryan. She loves animals, hopes to make the world a better place, and is “really good at having a good time.” Hook, line, and sinker. Covington’s own OKCupid profile is also amazingly generic. It’s like a powerful algorithm averaged every twentysomething dude in America into one.

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Let this serve as a cautionary tale against meeting strangers from the Internet – or, better yet, a cautionary tale against doing things that are very, very illegal. Covington’s next court appearance is scheduled for January. Until then, ladies, have at him.

Images via Veer and OKCupid