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Study Finds Jack and Olivia Are the Sexiest Names for Singles

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Olivia Munn

Would a Rose by any other name look as hot? Yes, if not hotter. A new study has found that online daters are most attracted to potential matches named Jack and Olivia. 41 percent of women would click on a Jack’s profile, and a whopping 58 percent of men would consider dating an Olivia. In general, a person’s name can improve their sex appeal by 8 percent, because not only are we a shallow species, we are also a fundamentally illogical one.

That said, Jacks are hot. I would readily sex any of Dawson, Bauer, Kennedy, Sparrow, Harkness, Donaghy, and Skellington. Munn, Wilde, Newton-John, and Pope ain’t half-bad either. Other highly “dateable” names for women include Chloe, Emily, and Sharon (really?). For men, there’s also Trevor, Riley, and Barry (really?).

My name is Molly and my sister’s name is Maggie, which both reliably find their way into the top five most popular dog names every year. Thanks for that, Mom and Dad. At least we’re attractive to pet owners.

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