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The 5 Most Annoying Things on Women’s Online Dating Profiles

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Guyism put together a list of the most annoying things women put on their online dating profiles. I was prepared to be incensed, but after I read it I realized that, yeah, no, this is all pretty spot-on.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. “I love to go out or stay in!”

Wow — amazing. So does everybody else.

2. “I’m a lot like Liz Lemon.”

Look, if you’re saying you’re like Liz Lemon, you’re probably actually not.

3. “I don’t know what to write about myself.”

In the words of the Guyism writer: “Annnd you just wasted both of our time.”

4. “No drama.”

Only people who are constantly involved in drama of some sort need to put a disclaimer of “No drama!” on their online dating profile.

5. A Duck Face Photo

“Show us a pic of yourself doing something cool, not a pic of your face smashed into your friend’s faces with drinks raised up while your purse your lips into duck face and all bend your knees group shot sorority-style and we can’t even tell which one is actually you because you all have the same make-up on.”


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