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There Is No Need For An EDM Dating Site

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There’s an online dating site for everyone these days: farmers, sea captains, attractive people, ugly people, stoners, the incarcerated – you get the idea. And now, another site has come along for fans of electronic music: EDM Date.

EDM is big business, and so it’s unsurprising that someone would try to cash in with a dating website. In 2013, Calvin Harris topped Forbes “Highest Paid DJs” list by raking in a cool $46 million – more than Jay Z or Katy Perry. Top producers can pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars playing a single night at a Vegas or Ibiza megaclub. Tickets for multi-day EDM festivals go for $250 or $300. And EDM’s audience is an advertiser’s dream: young, trend-driven, and flush with cash. While whoever started this website has a good eye towards the zeitgeist, they probably don’t know anything about electronic music. If they did, they’d realize an EDM dating site is completely pointless.

Full disclosure: I am a casual electronic music fan, although not so casual that I don’t snobbishly refuse to use the term “EDM” – to hardcore techno fans, EDM is a dirty word, used to refer to the watered down, mainstream electronic music you hear on the radio and in car commericals. I have walked out of many an all-night warehouse rager into the bright light of dawn.

So as a member of the community that EDM Date is trying to target, I feel like I can knowledgeably state that there is absolutely no reason for such a website to exist. Electronic music events are so social that there’s no need for fans to take to the web in search of someone else whose idea of a perfect vacation involves spending three days inside Berghain. I have very rarely found an electronic music crowd to be anything but outgoing, friendly and fun.

It’s astonishingly easy to start a conversation with someone on the dancefloor or at the bar: people are liquored up, dancing, trying to have a good night, and just nice in a way they often aren’t at a rock concert, at “da club,” or at your local watering hole. (Pro tip: should you spy someone who piques your interest, dance on over, make eye contact, smile, point to the DJ and yell “Have you seen them before?” Easiest conversation starter ever.)

And it has to be said, half the reason everyone is so friendly is because they are on boatloads of drugs that are putting them in a damn good mood. Do you know how easy it is to make friends with people on MDMA? If you can’t chat up a babe, score a makeout, or get laid at an insane dance party surrounded by people on Molly, I don’t think a dating website is going to be able to help you.

What EDM Date doesn’t realize is that their intended users, unlike farmers who live in towns with populations about a quarter of the size of the Love Parade, don’t need a website to meet people who share their interests. For one thing, it’s a small community and if you’ve spent a few years in your cities’ electronic music scene, you know everyone, see them every weekend, and if they’re single, have already been there and gotten the T-shirt. But even less entrenched fans are mostly online to grab tickets, download the new Fabric mix, and watch Boiler Room, not to fall in love. That happens at night, on the dancefloor, the old fashioned way. No profile needed.

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