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Tinder Accidentally Let Everyone See Your Exact Location For Months

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One of the reasons Tinder is so popular with the smartphone set is that it matches you only with people who are physically near you. In theory, this is supposed to make it easier for you to meet up with your “swipe-right” heartthrob in real life. In reality, this is how Tinder accidentally provided exes and robbers everywhere with the perfect way to hone in on your exact location as you feverishly swiped away.

Normally, Tinder will show you how far away potential matches are in miles. But Include Security, the firm that reported this new security flaw, says anyone with basic hacking skills would have been able access a user’s exact location — to the quadribajillionth decimal point, anyway. Include Security also claims Tinder knew about the privacy hole since the end of October, but patched it up before the new year.

This isn’t Tinder’s first privacy glitch: Last summer, the hookup app got heat for a separate security flaw report that accused the company of exposing users’ Facebook IDs and last known locations. Yes, phone dating apps are fun, but stay safe out there, boys and girls.