What the Wild Animal in Your Dating Profile Pic Says About You

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tiger tinder

The anti-tiger backlash is in full swing on several dating sites—many users make comments on their profiles to indicate they don’t need a tiger photo to make an impression, while others are flocking to different animals, including lions, elephants and dolphins.

The Wall Street Journal

Where once we posed with tigers to seduce our Tinder dates, now we must diversify. Tigers: they’re not the only (wild) game in town. We must try harder now. We must reach higher. To help, we’ve compiled a list of possible alternatives. Here, a handy guide to what that large and untamed animal in your profile pic says about you.


You are tough. You really want people to know you are tough. You had a rough middle school experience.


You are spiritual. You are sensitive. At some point in your life, you have owned a hemp necklace.


You are rugged. Also, stupid. You enjoy camping and/or are extensive involvement in your fraternity’s alumni association.


You are bold. You are brave. You went on safari once. You know all the lyrics to “Circle of Life.”


You have seen suffering, or you have been to the county fair. You are either short or tall or maybe average. It is hard to tell, because you are standing next to an elephant.