Hiring A Planner To Help You Propose Is A Thing Now

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You’re thinkin’ you’ll just get down on one knee in a field somewhere and pop the question, all casual-like? That’s adorable. (Seriously, that is adorable, you can propose to me anytime.) But apparently that’s not how we do it anymore.

According to wedding planning hub Lover.ly, you can now hire a “proposal planner” to take care of all your proposal needs. After all, these flash mobs ain’t gonna plan themselves. You still have to pick the ring and choose the person, but as long as you’ve got the very basics in order, the planner will take care of everything else, from “concepts” and “venue scouting” to “creating and executing event timelines on the day of your proposal.” Your magic moment “could actually be like the final scene of a romantic movie or the finale of ‘The Bachelor,’ but in real life,” Lover.ly gushes. It could also be just like a high school musical, a natural disaster, or an alien abduction — the planner is here to make your dreams a reality.

And perhaps, maybe, in some cases, hiring a proposal planner makes sense. I concede that having someone to recommend a “fantastic restaurant, the best bakery, or a great florist,” could be helpful, like if you’re asking for your beloved’s hand in an unfamiliar city that also happens to not exist on Yelp. And let’s be real: Not everyone has enough dancing friends for a flash mob. We all need a little help sometimes.

But Lover.ly admits that the phenomenon might have a downside. “If one guy gets a proposal planner,” they muse ominously, “will all guys be expected to pull off something equally (or more) over the top?” No. Calm down. Based on a sample size of all the men I’ve ever met, I feel Lover.ly can rest assured there are plenty of men who will propose by romantically wearing a shirt with buttons that morning.

If you’ve got money to burn, I have no objection to hiring professionals to make your life easier. If cleaning makes you sad, hire help. Cooking bores you? Eat in restaurants. Get someone else to paint your house, no judgement here. Just don’t outsource your proposal planning. The whole point of a grand gesture is to plan it yourself. I want you to pick the restaurant. I want you to book the flash mob. And if you’re not into spectacle, that is absolutely fine. Your proposal should be 100 percent you, and if 100 percent of you is on the couch with a heart-shaped pizza, then that’s how you do it. Presumably, your intended fiancé is into that kind of thing — isn’t that why they’re going to marry you?

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