Ladies, Can We Please Make Tiaras a Thing?

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Princess Diaries

Tiaras: they’re not just for brides, little girls, pageant winners, and the clearly insane anymore. Kate Middleton is one of exactly three people whose sanity I have complete confidence in (see also: my mother, Michelle Obama). For the first time since her 2011 wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a tiara to a diplomatic reception last night. And, as always, girlfriend looked cute.

To be fair, Kate is a living, breathing princess, and princesses wear crowns. Though it may sound like the name of Tia and Tamera Mowry’s hypothetical triplet sister, a tiara is technically a crown. In fact, tiaras are part of the strict dress code for British state banquets, which is precisely what Kate was attending. But it’s not like she’s schlepping around a full-on orb and scepter – she’s legitimately making her tiara work as a realistic (albeit diamond-encrusted), flattering and eminently wearable accessory. I have one question, ladies: why don’t we grow a pair of orbs and do the same?

I’m neither a particularly girly girl nor an aspiring pageant contestant (though I wouldn’t mind marrying into the Royal Family), but I’d like to know that I have the option to affix jewels to my skull without being socially ostracized. This is America, after all. Plus, I have an enormous head – like, borderline medical issue enormous – which limits my headwear choices mostly to adjustable ballcaps. Minimally restrictive tiaras fit just about anyone, opening up a whole new world of brain bling. Precious stones, of course, would be ideal, but Claire’s is having a sale right now, so why not go forth and make all your sparkly elementary school dreams a reality?

Besides Kate, you know who else wears a tiara? Wonder Woman. You know who else? She-Ra. Let’s make this happen, if I only so I can swagger-jack Anne Hathaway’s tiara plus combat boots look from The Princess Diaries. Shit is dope.

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