21 Adorable Wedding Gifts That Aren’t On Their Registry

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Wedding gift registries are filled with things the bride and groom both want and need for their life together.

But what about those things they don’t think of? If you’re looking for something a little more unique to surprise the happy couple with, BuzzFeed has got a pretty good list of cute kitchen utensils that they might not even know they want.

Like these vintage jam serving spoons from Provisions. Unique and detailed, perfect for your jam enthusiast friend – you know you’re going home with some homemade jam from the wedding anyway.


Or this cedar pie box, perfect for your friends who bake pies like it’s their job (or, if baking pies is their job!).



And check these out. Individual casserole dishes, for your friends with portion control issues!



Get this trident bar spoon for the boozy couple in your life who are also obsessed with The Little Mermaid.


And for your friend whose super into the environment, this olive oil dispenser made from recycled glass will make them feel good about themselves, every time they make a salad!


So cute!

Find more adorable kitchen gifts over at Buzzfeed: 21 Cute Kitchen Gifts You Probably Don’t Need.

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