First Date Tips

My Pre-Date Ritual: Townsend, 23, from Chelsea

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In our new photo series, we’re taking a look behind closed doors to see how people get ready for first dates. Meet Townsend, who is 23, lives in Chelsea and works in men’s fashion. Photos by Alex Crawford.

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Time: 6:30 pm on a Saturday.
The Date: Walk on the High Line followed by drinks after.
Where They Met: Mutual Friend

Beauty Routine: “Take a shower, brush my teeth, and trim my facial hair.”


Getting Ready Playlist:
1. Howlin For You – The Black Keys

2. Run Around Sue – Dion
3. Firewater – Django Django
4. The World (Is Going Up In Flames) – Charles Bradley

Nerves Level: “I don’t get too nervous going into first dates… When I sense that there is a spark and we have a connection, then my nerves start really pumping (in a good way).”

The Outfit: “A good visual first impression is very important, so I like to dress appropriately. There is a balance though, as you definitely don’t want to be the guy showing up for a Saturday night first date in a full suit and tie. It also shocks me how many of my guy friends brave first dates in shorts and a t-shirt. It’s like, come on dude, at least show a little effort.”

Pre-Date Drink: “Single malt scotch and Charles Bradley are my go-to’s.”

First Date Philosophy: “Going in with the attitude of just having fun and making a friend (without worrying about trying to impress her or thinking you’re going to fuck up) is the best possible way to establish any sort of legitimate connection.”

You’d think with so many people in NYC, finding a compatible partner would be easier. I’ve had moments where I’ve just been so disheartened and dismayed by not being able to find that special someone that I essentially give up on dating. The trick is staying at it, maintaining positivity, and not being afraid to put yourself out there, even if you’ve had a bad run of dates. You can’t accomplish something you never try.” 

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