See this Over the Top Couple’s Amazing World of Warcraft Engagement Shoot

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After recently spending an entire Sunday afternoon watching Say Yes to the Dress, I understand that themes are prevalent in weddings now more than ever. Twenty-first century brides search for specific touches to help make their “winter wonderland,” “Disney princess,” “peacock everything” weddings reality. But what if you bride (or groom) demanded a full on cosplay replica of World of Warcraft. For Craig and Zoe, that’s exactly what went down at their recent “engagement day” in Taiwan.

The happy couple stood before family and friends in head-to-toe costumes (designed by EMI Cosplay) as the WoW characters King Varien and Tyrande Whisperwind. As part of Taiwanese tradition, weddings take place over two days – the engagement day and the wedding day. These photos are from the couple’s engagement day, but the costumes will be used once again (it’s also part of the tradition the same outfits must be worn both days) in January for the couple’s wedding day. When you put this much effort into the things, you have to wear them more than once.

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