These Instagram Filters Will Get You the Most Likes

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Since getting tiny hearts of approval is basically the whole point of Instagram, it is important to be strategic. For example, your filters. Have you thought about what filters you’re using? Like, really thought about it? Because HubSpot “Social Media Scientist” Dan Zarrella has, analyzing more than 160,000 Instagram selfies, and apparently, we’re all doing everything wrong. Here’s what we like:filters

Willow? Really? Willow? Is that what we’re doing now? I admire that we’re so into posting our photos with #nofilter (although Zarrella’s other findings suggest at least some of us are #lying about that), but Willow?

Anyway, take this under advisement. If you want validation from the Internet, go fake black and white. Unless you’re my friend, in which case, Rise on. I will appreciate how lovely it makes your skin look, even if no one else does.

[h/t TechCrunch]