Date Night Cheat Sheet: The Top 5 Stories You Need To Know About

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Busy week? If you didn’t have time to keep up with the news, our weekly current events cheat sheet will put you in the know so you’ll be a grade-A conversationalist at the bar/on a date/anywhere you might talk to other people. 

This week we learned what a Venus Transit is – and saw one! Oh, and it was also the week “Mitt Romney caught up with President Obama.” That too. Here are my Rob Gordon-style Top 5 you should know about before you even THINK about going on a date:

1. Wisconsin voters send mixed signals. The final few polls made this not so surprising, but Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived the recall vote Tuesday, retaining his job for the final two years of his first term.

–> But wait: So Walker beat Barrett by 7 points, but an interesting side bit of polling was that if the Presidential election were held today, Wisconsin voters would support Obama over Romney by a margin of 51-44…or 7 points. Implications?

–> Date-wise: You could read this a few different ways, but one clear thing is: Wisconsin voters, even Democrats, aren’t going to recall a Governor just for policy disagreement – which explains why you have Obama supporters voting against it. Many voters think you should only remove someone before their term’s up if there’s actual criminal wrongdoing.

2. Paycheck Fairness Act: denied. The bill “would have required employers to demonstrate that any salary differences between men and women doing the same work are not gender-related,” but it was filibustered in the Senate (obvi).

–> Here’s why: Some conservative analysis, like the Chamber of Commerce, said the bill would increase government interference in the marketplace…but in a bad way.

–> Date-wise: Who knows what your date will feel about this, but carry this stat with you: for all the laws on the books regarding pay discrepancy, women still make 77 cents for every dollar made by men, in similar fields.

3. Cuomo says, “Let Them Have Pot.”

–> Basically: New York Gov (and keep-your-eye-on-him-for-prez-in-2016) Andrew Cuomo announced support this week for a measure that would reduce penalties for open possession of small amounts (aka 25 grams!!) of marijuana, dropping it from a misdemeanor to a violation. (Or only a $100 fine.)

–> Date-wise: You know what to do.

4. Did you see this?? Greece is going nuts, dude.

5. Queen celebrates Diamond Jubilee  <– have a feeling you already know this one

5. The insane, unleashed political spending beginsProjected spending for the Wisconsin recall election (they’re still counting) could top $125 million. Right now they have it as at least $66 million.

–> Big Fact Worth Knowing (and here’s the kicker): This sets the record for most expensive election in Wisconsin history. The previous record? $37 million. Get ready for the craziest Wild Wild West fall election you’ve ever seen in your lives.