It’s Finally Legal for Single, Lonely Palestinians to Join Dating Websites

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Name: Salima. Status: Single and Legal to Mingle.

Get ready to see that popping up on dating websites in the Middle East. According to The Jerusalem Post, the Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Fatwa Council (basically the moral and religious compass of the Palestinian people) legalized online dating. But that doesn’t mean that the boys and girls over there are going to be loving ’em and leaving ’em like their Western counterparts. Singles must be creating profiles for the sole purpose of marriage. Is this just “viral marketing” for eHarmony?

Naturally things are harder for the women. They aren’t allowed to share pictures, provide “excessive” detail about themselves, or meet up in person without a chaperone. Despite its faults, though, this decision is still impressively progressive. Explaining their risky decision, which angered many conservative Muslims, the council mentioned that online dating—as well as pointed chatting on social media—“which have hugely developed in this era, have become an indispensable necessity.” They should try dating in New York! But we say go get ’em, Salima. It’s a whole new world out there.

Image by Chris Schuepp