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Tinder has joined the political race of 2016, yesterday launching a new user experience: Swipe the Vote.

Following in Bumble’s footsteps, there is no doubt the online dating game is changing in it’s relevance, now igniting significant pop culture commentary and debate outside of romantic relationships. The move made by Tinder came from users frequent expressions of political views with matches throughout the election period.

Tinder has partnered with Rock the Vote to invite users to weigh in on issues and encourage voting ahead of the election. The vast majority of Tinder users are millennials, a generation that should be actively involved and opinionated about government leadership for the future!

When perusing Tinder, you may come across a ‘Swipe the Vote’ video card while swiping. Tap on the card and swipe right on stances you agree with and left on those you don’t. To learn more about what you are swiping for, tap said card before you swipe. Easy!


Once you have swiped through 10 issues, you will be matched with a political candidate who reflects your views. You will also get the option to see where you stand with other candidates, too. Tap on each to learn more about what they stand for, and the issues you agree and disagree on. From there, you can share which candidate you have matched with while registering with Rock the Vote!