First Date Tips

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We’re sort of obsessed with first dates here at HowAboutWe — we love coming up with ideas, seeing what our users suggest, finding new date spots, creepily listening in on couples that we think might be on a date — everything.

Now, we’re taking our voyeurism one step further. In our ongoing quest to know everything there is to know about first dates, we’re asking you about your most recent first date. What’d you do? What’d you talk about? Did you kiss? Did you more than kiss? Were you nervous? Were you late? Were you drunk?

Think of it as sort of participating in an online time capsule: What is it like, in early 2013, to go on a first date? What are people really doing?

We can’t wait to see what you say, and will (obviously) publish all our findings!

So, please. Let’s chat about your last first date.