10 Shows We’d ‘Cheat’ With (By Watching Them Without Our Boyfriends)

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Today on The Cut, Maureen O’Connor explores the “smallest, most insidious betrayal” one could commit in a relationship: Netflix Adultery. (“‘You’re not watching House of Cards without me, are you?’ he asked. ‘No,’ I lied without hitting pause. With my ear buds in, you could say Netflix was actually inside of me as my boyfriend returned to bed.”)

But it’s not just Netflix — the “cheating” phenomenon applies for any addictive TV shows. Admit it —  you’ve been there: Your girlfriend is out, ten o’clock comes and goes…and your favorite show is just sitting there, DVR’d up, waiting for you to watch it. You two began the journey together, and you KNOW that she’ll be upset if you’ve broken the unspoken (or perhaps loudly spoken) agreement that neither of you will partake in an episode without the other. But it’s just this one time…and it’s not like you’re going to watch the whole season! Of course, if you try to play it off later like the clandestine-watching never happened, don’t betray yourself with a “Oh, this part’s so good — er, I mean, I’m guessing.” Here are the top ten shows we find to be the most cheat-able:

10. The Americans

9. True Blood

8. Dexter

7. American Horror Story

6. Walking Dead

5. Breaking Bad

4. Mad Men

3. Homeland

2. Game of Thrones

1. House of Cards