18 Things We Miss About Sex in the 90s

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We all remember the ’90s. (Full disclosure: when the 90′s ended, I was barely 12. But I do remember them.) It was the halcyon time before the Internet ran the world and HBO ruled the airwaves with nonstop nudity. In a toast to nostalgia, here are 18 things to miss about ’90s sex.

1. The Fly Girls from “In Living Color”

2. Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction

[Source: csfd]

3. Julia Robert’s thigh-high boots in Pretty Woman

4. This scene from Titanic…

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5. Dr. George Clooney

[Source: B-Z]

6. Brenda and Dylan from “90210″

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7. “Seinfeld,” Episode 4.11 – “The Contest”

8. Monica Lewinsky

And her stained blue dress of evidence.

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9. Bodysuits.

10. Remember what booty calls were like when pagers we more popular than cellphones?

11. “Saved by the Bell”

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12. Viagra was invented.

13. The Spice Girls

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14. Britney Spears – “Hit Me Baby One More Time”


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15. Boyz II Men

16. Kurt Cobain

17. “Baywatch”

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18. We all need to have sex before the world ends on Y2K.

[Source: 90s 411]