3 Love Lessons From “I Love Lucy”

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Everyone recognizes that phrase as the familiar cry of Lucy Ricardo on the much loved TV show “I Love Lucy”. But as silly and comical as Lucy was and as bossy as Ricky could be, there was heart underneath their incessant bickering.

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Don’t let your imagination run wild

In one episode, Lucy started reading a murder mystery. As she continued getting more involved in the tale, she convinced herself that Ricky was trying to kill her and of course hijinks ensued. Now if you have semblance of sanity chances are you aren’t going to jump to such extreme conclusions about your significant other. However we’ve all been guilty of making assumptions about our partner or our relationship that just aren’t true. Maybe you suspect them of cheating when really they are really just sneaking around because they’re planning your surprise birthday party. Imagine if you had overreacted? No bueno.

You don’t need anything fancy

Though Ricky was a fancy pants bandleader, the duo didn’t need much to keep connect with each other. Dinners with Fred and Ethel, playing cards, or just singing around the piano was enough for this happy albeit crazy couple. In a day and age where it’s easy to distract yourself with a jetsetting lifestyle, don’t forget about the little stuff. If you’re feeling disconnected from your partner, it might be time to turn down the social invitations and just snuggle up together.

Love is unconditional

No matter what crazy shenanigans Lucy pulled from gluing her best friend Ethel to a wall or getting Ricky fired, Ricky still loved and adored her. In fact it’s her zaniness that made him love her even more. In an era when June Cleaver was popular, Lucy’s fun-loving ways made her stand out from the sea of stepford-like women. And Ricky loved her for it. Chances are your partner isn’t as kookoo for Cocoa Puffs as Lucy is. But they may exhibit a few strange tendencies such as a predilection for collecting cat hair to knit a sweater or arranging pine cones into art installations. Everyone has their quirks. All the reason to love them a little bit more!