5 TV Bromances We Wish Were More Than Friends

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Admit it. We’ve all thought about it at least once. I’ve had discussions in college lectures about the topic. Movies and TV shows constantly berate watchers with hearty bromances between male characters that rival even the most sound female companionships. Underneath these loosely vieled friendships lay deep, heartfelt feelings. Come on, you’d be flat out lying if you never thought about the real relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Watson, or Captain Kirk and Spock. Just picture it in all it’s glory. Truly, these men are perfect for each other in more ways than just kicking back and watching the game. Whatever game it is they like to watch. Together…

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The Avengers: Captain America and Iron Man

5 TV Bromances We Wish Were More Than FriendsTension, frustration, jealousy. Sounds like a lovers quarrel to me.


Harry Potter: Draco and Harry

5 TV Bromances We Wish Were More Than FriendsOh Potta. This, while not really a bromance because of all those complicated things with the Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort. But, whatever, no biggie. Just, this.


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House: Wilson and House

5 TV Bromances We Wish Were More Than FriendsWilson puts up with almost all of House’s shit, cleans up after him, comforts him when he’s vulnerable, supports him when others don’t, makes him feel wanted. If I could write a defnition of a healthy romantic relationship, that’d be it.


Lord of the Rings: Sam and Frodo

5 TV Bromances We Wish Were More Than FriendsWell, the summed up plot of the whole freakin’ movie is that two adorable little men embark an epic search for an incredibly powerful ring with a band of other men beside them to help and hinder their quest…come on! Also: matching haircuts.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Spike and Angel

5 TV Bromances We Wish Were More Than FriendsGood-looking men going out every night together with silky, button-down shirts and greased back hair. That’s just too easy.

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