Matt Damon, On Why “When In Doubt, Always Go Out”

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Do you know the story of how Matt Damon met his wife, Luciana? Most people have heard they met at a bar where she was bartending, but the whole story is pretty interesting.

He said recently:

“I had never really hung out in Miami and one night in the middle of the shoot, the crew, a couple guys, said, ‘We’re going to get a beer somewhere.’ I said, ‘I’m not really into it.’ They said, ‘Come on,’ and kind of dragged me along. We ended up at a bar where my wife was the bartender. I literally saw her across a crowded room… and eight years and four kids later, that’s my life. I don’t know how else our paths would have crossed if that didn’t happen… The moral is that when you’re tired, suck it up and go to the bar because you might meet your wife.”

That’s crazy to think about, but things like this happen every day. We LOVED what tumblr blogger HeyLaney had to say about meeting her husband:

“I had gotten a text from a high school friend saying that he was hanging out with some buddies from the sports section of the major newspaper where he worked and that I should come by.

I was in a cab, exhausted and so not into going. However, I convinced myself that stopping by for “one drink” couldn’t hurt, and so I had the cab re-route to the bar and dragged myself inside.

“One drink” turned into meeting my husband.

(If I hadn’t gone that night, we probably never would’ve met, as my friend from high school stopped working at that paper and moved to Chicago shortly after.)

Now, like Matt Damon, I am a big proponent of always sucking it up and go to the bar (slash party slash wherever). You never know.”

Another story, from the comments section:

“I met my husband on a porch of a hotel near Montreal. I was asked to cover an engineering event for my school’s alumni magazine. I had no interest in engineering, or Quebec, but I went anyway. Eight months later we got engaged on that porch.” –Shaba

So baaaaaasically, we should never NOT go out for a beer? Well, don’t have to tell us twice.

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