Bad News for Men with Wide Faces (and their Partners!)

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130916140451-largeBad news for men with high face width to height ratios (fWHR) and their partners. Do you have a comparatively wide face? Well, turns out you’re selfish, according to some science. Apparently people read men with wider faces as extremely self-serving, both in business settings and romantic relationships. Instead of proving those judgemental cretins wrong, men with high fWHR actually do behave more selfishly! Science says that if you have a wide face, you’re more likely to act in your own self-interest, whether it’s walking all over people to get what you want at work or unfairly dividing resources at home. However, it does appear as though men with wider faces are more likely to head financially successful businesses. So today we’ve learned that if you’re a man with a high fWHR, you’d make a great CEO and a rude, self-serving partner. Right?

The social scientist in me is dubious. Let’s talk about nature vs nurture. It’s hard to believe that men with wider faces are inherently kind of awful. I mean, look at Buddha! Some part of this must be learned behavior. If I was a man with a wide face, I’d see this as a challenge. Go forth and prove those scientists wrong! Be as kind and generous and compassionate as you can, both with your partners and at work. Unless you do that, it looks like the world is perceiving you as a jerk which, unless you are trying to be an evil genius, is going to be inconvenient for you.

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