Bethenny Frankel and Her Husband ‘Don’t Like Each Other’

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When you ask the average married person why they married his or her spouse, a common answer is “because we loved each other.” While there’s no doubt that marriages are hard work and that some days you actually kind of want to kill each other, there’s usually enough love and mutual respect there to get you through. Unless you’re a Real Housewife and her real husband, apparently.

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Former Real Housewives of New York cast member Bethenny Frankel now has a spinoff show, Bethenny Ever After, which focuses on her marriage to Jason Hoppy, her career, and their baby daughter Bryn. The wedding and new baby provided enough material for the first two seasons, so now that the show is in its third season there needed to be an extra kick of drama – and it sounds like Bethenny and Jason’s relationship is going to be the storyline. In one promo for the season, Bethenny said she and her husband had sex so rarely that “his penis has cobwebs on it.” Now, Radar has a video of Bethenny summing up her marital issues with one brusque statement: “We don’t like each other.” And that statement was made in a couples therapy session… which is being televised.

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There’s nothing wrong with therapy, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that sometimes you guys can’t stand each other. But that starts to become problematic when you do it on national television, and it’s extra problematic when you do it to get publicity and attention for the new season of your reality show. I sort of hope that this is actually some giant scheme cooked up by Jason and Bethenny and that they’re actually brilliant actors pulling a huge prank on the audience, but somehow I doubt it. It just makes me feel like they’d rather get magazine headlines about their marriage than sincerely work on their problems.