‘Brokeback Mountain’ Is Now An Opera And It’s Going To Be Sexy

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Brokeback Mountain author Annie Proulx and composer Charles Wuorinen are at work on a Brokeback opera, and according to Out, it’s going to be pretty sexy. (Also, you guys, there is going to be a Brokeback Mountain opera!)

Initially, Wourinen said he was worried the show, an operatic adaptation of the tragic love story about gay Wyoming ranchers, would seem “so old-fashioned that it’s not of interest anymore,” given how far social attitudes about gay love and marriage have come since he started the project three years ago. But director Ivo van Hove isn’t concerned: Tortured cowboy love is pretty much always in fashion, and also, everyone is going to be naked. Or at least, “showing a lot more skin that we typically expect from baritones.” It’s the “music and singing that matters” — obviously — but also, Out says, this is a “major moment for opera staging.” And by “opera staging,” they mean opera sex appeal. The show premiers January 28th, but at Teatro Real in Madrid. Until it tours, the rest of us are stuck with the trailer: