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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Beyoncé In Your Pants

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Beyoncé is selling special couples underwear sets for Valentine’s Day, because nothing says crazy in love like a pair of Bey-themed boxer shorts. The Yours/Mine sets, which come in pretty much every possible combination, feature hot-pink text — either “Yours” or “Mine” — on basic black boxers and/or boy shorts. Mine boxers and Yours boy shorts! Yours boxers and Mine boy shorts! Yours boy shorts and Mine boy shorts! Two pairs of Yours boxers! Two pairs of Mine boy shorts! Queen Bey’s got something for everybody (who is shopping for novelty underwear).

Complex points out that it’s a great gift, ’cause technically you get undies out of it, too. Also, they’re the perfect topper for your all-Beyoncé V-Day feast.


yours and mine underwear

[h/t Complex]