Chris Brown and Rihanna S&M Fanfiction Is the Worst Thing in the World

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Sad Rihanna

I know what you’re thinking. You wish that the violent relationship between Rihanna and America’s Boyfriend Chris Brown was back in the news and, ideally, presented in a nauseatingly positive light. Lucky for you, there’s now a fanfiction novel, Fifty Shades of Sin, that does exactly that.

Despite her talent for glorifying destructive behavior, author J. Lola lacks a flair for subtlety. Robyn (Rihanna’s real name) and Chris, Lola’s thinly veiled versions of the stars, “find love in a HOPELESS PLACE.” Cute. (Too bad we all know that song is about Grindr.) Available as an eBook on Amazon – with a truly yuck cover image – Fifty Shades of Sin follows their, ahem, troubled relationship “all the way down to what happened that sad night of the Grammys.”

We have no intention of reading this book, but we’re prepared to review it right now. Domestic violence is not sexy. Abuse is not sexy. If you pretend otherwise, then you’re part of the problem. Also, ughhhhhh.

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