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It seems politicians will do anything to get votes these days! British Prime Minister David Cameron is a prime example, recently signing up to Facebook, Twitter and Tinder in a bid to persuade millennial voters to vote in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. OK, Facebook and Twitter I can understand – but Tinder? Is the Prime Minister considering online dating? How does his wife Samantha feel about this? Not great, I would assume. Why, Cameron, why?

“We are always looking for younger ways to try and encourage people to register to vote,” the PM’s press office revealed to CNBC. But why does this involve him jumping on the right or left swipe bandwagon? In March, Tinder launched a feature called “Swipe The Vote” that helps United States users identify who they support in the US presidential race. Was this where you were going with this move, Cameron? You would like Tinder to introduce this feature to the UK? Let’s hope so! (Left swipe on our end – you’re welcome Samantha).