Fifty Shades of Grey: The Musical!

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Historically, musicals based on novels have done very well. Les Miserables. Oliver. Wicked.

And now, soft-shoeing to a theater near you (if you live in NYC): Fifty Shades of Grey, in all-singing, all-dancing glory.

The scrappy production, which just finished a successful Chicago run, features toe-tapping tunes such as “They Get Nasty,” “I Don’t Make Love, I “F#*!” and, sure to become an audition staple for young ingenues everywhere,  “There’s a Hole Inside of Me.”

Lots of innuendo, according to director Albert Samuels, but, in a surprising twist, no onstage nudity. (Almost all off-Broadway shows have some nudity these days; leave it to Fifty Shades of Grey to dance around the issue — literally — while staying buttoned up.) The musical, it must be said, is a spoof of the book, and not an earnest musical adaptation.

Sure, the musical, is capitalizing on a pop-culture phenomenon, and it’s probably not going to be up for Pulitzer review. But that doesn’t mean you should necessarily write it off completely: after all, New York has a long history of spoof/parody doing really well onstage. (Forbidden Broadway, which has had off-Broadway incarnations for decades, and Spamalot, which won the Tony Award for best musical in 2005.) It may turn out that the stage version is just as guiltily enjoyable as the books themselves.

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