Is the New TLC Show About What We Think It’s About…?!

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honey do

Here is something TLC does well: TV shows about untraditionally large families. TV shows about untraditionally sized people having families. TV shows about families that are untraditionally large due to the amount of wives/mothers per family unit.

Here is something TLC does not do well: challenge traditional roles within traditional families and/or couples, as evidenced by their horrific new show, “Honey, Do.” (Yes, horrific, and trust me, it pained me to type that in conjunction with TLC, the same channel that brought us such beloved hits as Long Island Medium and Little People Big World.)

The premise is this: the show “helps” couples across America by supplying them with a “dream team” of “handymen” to help them tackle all the home improvement projects the husband has been “ignoring.” In other words, TLC sends a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy coterie of (shirtless, for some reason?) men to fix the leaky roof and flaunt their perfect bodies, while the husband flaps around helplessly and the wife looks on, leeringly, lazily.

“In each 30-minute episode, viewers are introduced to a wife with a totally relatable problem —she’s got a ‘honey do’ list a mile long and her husband doesn’t know where to begin.”

Omg, yes, so relatable, I hate when I order my husband to fix something and then it doesn’t get done and I’m totally helpless because god forbid I do it myself or call a plumber!

“That’s where our four hunky carpenters come in. Jonathan ‘the foreman’, Kevin ‘the construction man’, Ben ‘the painter’ and Dan ‘the handyman’ bring their tools and talents to fix what these husbands haven’t.”

Waiiiiit a minute, is this — is this a show about stripping?!

This is. I thought it was a somewhat sexist, somewhat emasculating show about household chores.

But Dan ‘the handyman’ bringing his tools and talents to fix what these husbands haven’t?

You guys. This is totally a show about male strippers.

Carry on!