Kris Jenner and All the Reality Star Ladies Who Want Sweet Young Things

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It seems that true love does not exist. After 22 years of marriage (read: 111 times longer than Kim and Kris Humphries’ 72-day marriage), reality star-leviathans Kris and Bruce Jenner have announced their separation.

But that’s not all. Of course it’s not. Now we’ve been offered the little pearl of wisdom that Kris Jenner is looking to date younger men. Beware, all L.A. based under-23-year-olds. (The word on the street is that she’s been eyeing 31-year-old former The Bachelor contestant Ben Flajnik.)

This should not come as too large a surprise. Kris has shown young-male-gazing tendencies before. Despite the clear producer-based-manipulation at play in every episode, Kris flagrantly flirted with her fitness instructor in one memorable episode… as well as with Bruce’s own son, Brody, during a highly uncomfortable suntan lotion sequence (but who can blame her for wanting to rub her lotiony mitts all over Brody Jenner’s perfect body).

This is a growing trend within the older lady reality-star community (the largest growing community in American according to the two-thousand-and-never census).


Linda Hogan was married to Hulk Hogan for 26 years (longer than the Jenners). After the marriage fell apart, Linda ran off with a former high school classmate of her son, Charley, who was 29 years her junior. Last year, they separated, telling press that they decided, they “should each travel through life in different directions.” By which Charley Hill meant her direction is the nursing home and his is Michael Lohan’s newest celebrity boxing tournament.


After her first marriage and a long term relationship with a married older man known only as Big Poppa, Kim married beefcake football player Kroy Bierman. The funny thing is, she’s not that old. But with the hair extensions, the orange skin, and the general craziness, I had no idea she was only 35. That said, Kroy was still in his 20s when they got together.

Adrienne Maloof was seen with her new much younger boyfriend leaving 'Bootsy Bellows' Night club in West Hollywood, CA

3. Adrienne Maloof and recent boyfriend, Jacob Busch, 24

In response to the inevitable “He’s 28 younger than you” question, former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Adrienne Maloof has been philosophizing, “When you meet someone they don’t have a number on their forehead.” True. However, Ms. Maloof, you kind of do. And it’s linked to your bank account. Luckily her man Jacob Busch is heir to a beer fortune. At least that means he’s not in it for the moeny.