M.I.A Flipped America Off…Because of a Recent Breakup?

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Although Madonna’s halftime show was supposed to be the talk of last Sunday’s Super Bowl, most of the attention went to M.I.A., who flipped the camera her middle finger during her cameo in Madonna’s song. There have been a ton of theories circulated about why M.I.A did it – she’s English and doesn’t consider it taboo, she was doing that gesture instead of a more violent gun image, etc – but the most recent guess is that M.I.A. was acting out because of stress from a breakup.

According to the New York Daily News, M.I.A and her fiance Benjamin Bronfman have split up. The couple was living in New York with their three-year-old son Ikhyd, but now M.I.A is reportedly back in her native London and doesn’t see her son for weeks at a time.

Is the end of your relationship a good reason to go on TV and flip an entire country the bird? It’s hard to say, since everyone handles breakups differently. I’m more of a “watch a million DVDs and eat junk food” type, but considering that M.I.A. was trying to perform in possibly the biggest show of her life and also facing accusations of being a sellout, she might have just flipped — and perhaps her finger followed. If “I’m coping with a breakup” is a viable excuse for bad behavior, then maybe I should go rob a bank or kill somebody. I’ll report back on how that goes.