Oscar Speech Shoutouts to Spouses, Ranked By Sweetness

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10. “…my wife, the amazing Jenny Rim…”

John Kahrs, Best Animated Short

Kahrs may have been succinct when thanking his wife, but the shot of her crying in the audience seemed like a pretty solid testament to their relationship.

9. “And my man, I love you baby!”

– Adele, Best Song

Adele got a little verklemp when accepting her award for best song, and thanked her boyfriend, Simon Konecki with a flip of her hand, as if to say, “and obviously him, too.”

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8. “My dear wife Laura, without whom I wouldn’t be able to do any of this.”

Malik Bendjelloul, Best Documentary

Sweet, and probably true. It takes a patient significant other who is willing to temporarily take a back seat to a film! (But then you get to go to the Oscars, so it all works out in the end.)

7. “My wife, and our two beautiful boys, who remind me every day why stories like this need to be told.”

– Mychael Danna, Best Original Score

Well, I don’t know if I’d want my marriage to remind someone to make a movie about a man trapped on a small boat with a tiger, per se, but … no, no, I’m being jaded! This was great. Very sweet.

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6. “I want to thank my wife who I don’t normally associate with Iran, but I want to thank you for working on marriage for ten Christmases. It’s good, it is work, but it’s the best kind of work, and there’s no one I’d rather work with.”

– Ben Affleck, Best Picture

Sure, all marriage is work, but why choose your Oscar acceptance speech to broadcast to the world precisely how much work your particular marriage is? Jennifer Garner doesn’t seem like one to hold a grudge, though, and Ben Affleck’s nod to her did manage to be cute without being mushy. His choked-up delivery also added some warmth to an otherwise awkward spousal nod.

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5. “The center of my universe, my dearest Nina.”

– Shawn Christensen, Live Action Short

What better time than after winning an Oscar to remind someone publicly that they are the center of your universe?

4. My husband, by far and away the greatest moment of my life was the one when you walked into it, I love you so much.”

– Anne Hathaway, Best Supporting Actress

Oh, Anne Hathaway was a bit saccharine when thanking her husband (earlier on the red carpet she mentioned how lucky she was to have found her “soulmate.”) But she’s a newlywed having arguably the best year of her life! If you can’t be saccharine as a bride accepting her first Academy Award, when can you be??

3. “My wife, Jan, we’ll be married thirty years this summer, I love you.”

– Ang Lee, Best Director

Gotta respect longevity in a Hollywood relationship.

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2. “When we got married 16 years ago, since we got married 16 years ago, my wife Rebecca’s has lived with some very strange men. They were strange as individuals and even stranger when as taken as a group. Luckily, she’s the versatile one in the family, and has been a perfect companion to all of them.”

– Daniel Day-Lewis, Best Actor

Completely charming, funny, and humble way to acknowledge his wife and the role she’s played in supporting (tolerating?) his career. Lovely.

1. “Thank you to my wife, she was my most crew, she supporting me since 30 years, you are the center of my life.”

– Michael Haneke, Best Foreign Language Film

Anyone who’s even seen a trailer for Amour knows that it’s practically a love letter to matrimonial love and loyalty. The director appealed to the Hollywood side of things by referring to his wife as his most important crew, and appealed to romantics by calling her the center of his life. (The charming accent didn’t hurt, either.)