Remembering Jim Lange, the Late, Great Host of ‘The Dating Game’

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jim lange

Jim Lange, original host of The Dating Game, died last night. He was 81. While he began his career on the radio — his true love till the end, his wife tells the AP — it was reality dating that skyrocketed him to fame. And without Lange’s charm, his voice, and his grin (oh, his grin!), there would be no Bachelor, no Catfished, no Joe Millionaire, no Elimidate, no Fifth Wheel. His is the smile that launched a thousand reality dating shows. In celebration of his life, we take a look back through some of his more famous Dating Game moments (with some of his more famous contestants):

The Time When UCLA Business Student Arnold Schwarzenegger Bragged About His Measurements

The Time When A Very Young Michael Jackson Asks How To Fend Off Obsessed Women

The Time When Aspiring Actor John Ritter Suggested Draining Lake Michigan

The Time When The Winning Bachelor Was A Serial Killer

The Time When ‘Artist and Sculptress’ Farrah Fawcett Discussed ‘Smelling the Sunset’

The Time When Andy Kaufman Was Confused About Santa Claus

The Time When Wannabe Kosher Deli Owner Bob Saget Had Some Trouble Blowing Up A Balloon