Rihanna’s Twitter Closes Down Thai Sex Show

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For those into music or social media, following Rihanna is a must. Apparently the same is true for Thai police, who have made their second arrest thanks to tweets the sexy singer posted about her recent vacation there. After a Sept. 21 tweet (see below) about a sex show she saw in Phuket, police have arrested a man on charges of obscenity and operating an entertainment venue without a permit, according to the Associated Press.

Cops say they first heard of this club thanks to RiRi’s Twitter feed, but hadn’t caught the proprietor breaking the law until this past weekend. This is the second arrest thanks to her social media. In Sept., a selfie she took with a slow loris got two guys arrested for charging to take pictures with an endangered species. So, for all of you out there running barely legal sex businesses, remember this when Rihanna shows up with her phone in her hand.


Image via Music News Australia