Science vs. 50 Cent: On Masturbation + Can Men Dress “Slutty” In The Office?

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Can Men Dress “Slutty” In The Office? [The GlossThat’s a Brony, BTW.

Girl Talk: I’m An Asian Woman And I Date … Screw It, It’s Complicated [The Frisky] I’m not sure why this racial dating debate has been so hot lately, but I like this take.

Love Joule, Japan’s First Bar Devoted To Female Masturbation, Opens In Tokyo [HuffPo] Since female masturbation is such a taboo topic in Japan, now women can “openly discuss” it.

Science vs. 50 Cent: On Masturbation [Men’s HealthApparently, partying like it’s yo’ birthday doesn’t actually mean touching yourself. You learn something new every day.

How Social Inequality Could Screw Up Your Sex Life [Buzzfeed] Social hierarchies are really putting a damper on the dirty talk.

How Sexual Power Can Be Disempowering [Science Daily] “The commonly held belief that men should dominate sexually can disempower both women and men, according to a new study.”