Seriously Unclassy: Snooki’s Ex Says He Hopes She Miscarries Her Baby

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Snooki is pregnant. Our Lady of Leopard Print is supposedly about three months along, and there are no shortage of opinions about what she should do and why. But the prize for the douchiest response to Snooki’s ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella, who told TMZ that he hopes she has a miscarriage.

“I hope for her sake … not to be rude or anything … but I hope she has a miscarriage.”

Don’t get me wrong: it can be hard to see an ex move on and have a happy life with someone else, but those are feelings that you should keep to yourself. Or to your best friend. Or to your therapist. Once in a while I see Facebook photos of an ex who is now happily married with kids, and I occasionally feel a pang of regret at what might have been. But wishing a miscarriage on someone because you’re still pissed about them dumping you is really, really f*cking cold. And starting it off with “not to be rude” is the icing on the rude cake. That’s on par with saying “not to be racist, but” right before saying something racist. Claiming to have self-awareness is not the same thing as actually being self-aware.

Clearly Emilio is desperate to stay relevant considering that the only reason anyone even knows who the hell he is is the fact that he used to date Snooki, but attaching himself to a news story about her — especially in such a disgusting way — is unnecessary. I think his picture should be posted all over the internet with a link to the things he said about Snooki, and all women everywhere should sign a form agreeing not to date him. I’ll start.

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