Sex Dream WTF: My Ex Pulls Down His Pants to Reveal Three Wild Dogs

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From Em & Lo:

A few night ago, I had a dream about an ex boyfriend, a man who I have always felt is my soul mate. However, we have not seen each other in many years.

Anyway, in my dream we were together, and it felt safe, like unconditional love. We were just cuddling, when he pulled down his pant to expose three wild dogs attached, or growing/living on the top of his left leg. They were not barking, but were very animated. Their color was brown, and they did not have red eyes. The heads were 3 different sizes. I was not repulsed, but found it very unusual, and was just trying to process it.

It was then that the scene changed to another room. In the room were friends/family. I was trying to tell them that I was with the ex boyfriend but did not want him to hear, so the people in the room didn’t hear me either. After that I forget what happened. I cannot get this dream out of my mind.

You’re curious, right? I mean, if it was two dogs, it’d be pretty meh. But three dogs? And she wasn’t repulsed?!

See what the dream analyst says about this one!

[Em & Lo]

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