Some Sad, Shocking News About the New Bridget Jones’s Diary Sequel

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Yesterday the Sunday Times broke some news that has shaken chick-lit lovers the world over: Mr. Darcy, Bridget Jones’s dapper, brilliant and devoted love interest, is dead. The series’ author Helen Fielding revealed the shocking, macabre twist via published excerpts from the new book, Mad About the Boy, which will be published next month. Bridget Jones is 51, widowed with two children, and lamenting the loss of her beloved Mark Darcy.

Fielding’s publisher says that the Bridget Jones of 2013 is more modern and relatable to those of us who grew up on her quirky romantic hijinks. The third novel finds her texting (do 51-year-olds know what sexting is?) a pretty young thing, 29 year-old Roxter.

Bridget Jones and Mr. Darcy fans everywhere are incensed. Authors, celebrities, and politicians took to Twitter to lament the news. How dare Helen Fielding toy with our emotions like that? What kind of name is Roxter, anyway?!

The upshot (IF THERE IS ONE) is the potential for a reprisal of this gem:

RIP Mark Darcy. We will miss your sexy monotone, your Christmas sweaters, and your passion for human rights law.

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