The Dating Wire: Martha Stewart (Tipsily?) Tweets During a Date

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jesse useDating advice (a whole book of it) from Aziz Ansari.

Martha Stewart went to Jean Georges and tweeted that it “may have been more than a first date.” (Also, Jean Georges would be like, the pinnacle of my dating life, like, where I would go to get engaged, and for Martha it’s date #1. Where do you go for date #3, Martha?!

This argument against dating guys in bands is perfectly logical andĀ almostĀ convincing yet probably hard to put into practice, because….guys in bands are hot?

Oh, FINALLY! A bracelet with which to blatantly advertise my relationship status!

(I know this is a sponsored post, but:) I love how Air New Zealand is focusing on the fact that it’s the first same sex wedding “in the skies,” (with special guest Jesse Tyler Ferguson!), rather than the fact that this couple chose to get married on an Air New Zealand flight (??) with Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Anyway, kind of weird/fun.